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Your care will begin in your first trimester with you initial appointment and blood work. Each appointment after will last about 45-60 minutes while we review your health and baby's well-being together. We discuss nutrition, supplements, lab results, previous experiences, birth preferences and take time to answer all your questions and individualize care to you! It's your time. An anatomy scan is scheduled at 20 weeks with another office to check baby's development and placental placement. We assess your baby's growth at each visit and of course listen to baby's heart beat! The team will come to your home when you are in labor and we monitor the baby while giving you as much or as little support as you desire. We continue with visits through six weeks postpartum assessing your healing body and baby's growth.

Happy newborn born at home

This is a simple blood test collected after 10 weeks gestation that can reveal gender, screen for Trisomies 13, 18, 21 and offers ad-on genetic screening. For women with a negative blood type, it will test if the baby is a positive or negative blood type which could impact some pregnancy choices such as accepting the Rh Immunoglobulin shot. This is billed to your insurance or cash pay through the company that does the testing. Results take about 2 weeks.

Birth with a Midwife

A simple blood draw as early as 6 weeks will reveal the gender of your baby. This is offered at a discounted rate to clients. Results take about 2 business days.

Gender Test
Gender Test
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