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"Wendy is such a caring and helpful midwife. We loved working with her! And it was wonderful to have our baby born in the peaceful setting of our own home!"  Ashley 2022 

"Wendy delivered my 6th baby which was my first home birth. My husband and I are more natural than most people so we opted out on a lot of things. Wendy never judged us or criticized us for it. She did explain the risks but supported our decision. She made the whole experience from start to finish pleasant and enjoyable."  Randi 2021 

"When the time finally came to welcome our newest blessing into the world, it was such a blessing to have Wendy there.  She was with us, in our home, she was family, not a sterile medical personnel.  That incredible life changing moment when I held my baby in my arms as she breathed her first breath, Wendy shared in our joy and celebration!  She is a kindred spirit to me, my sister in Christ, and one of my favorite people." Chelsey 2022

"I am so grateful for Wendy and her services. All around this was the best healthcare I have ever received. Throughout the entire process she presented the information regarding pregnancy in a way that was understandable enough for me to make informed decisions. Knowing that someone who cared for me, presented all options and encouraged me to choose was a great blessing." Alexis 2022

"What I appreciated most was her demeanor and willingness to discuss everything. Wendy is easy to talk to, easy to trust, and listens to your feelings and concerns. She has an extensive library that I was able to borrow books and videos from. I had such a fulfilling pregnancy and delivery thanks to Wendy, and I believe this has made me a better mother." Alyssa 2022

"Wendy was a joy to work with! When we moved to Tennessee, she accepted me as a patient late in pregnancy. As a physician and a mother of 5, I highly recommend Wendy to any woman considering a home birth. Wendy is truly a blessing to our family and our community." Amber 2022

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